Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Using VoIP/Skype For Your Small Business

I came across new telephone software system today, that seems like a perfect thing for any small business out there. All you need is Windows on your PC and a broadband connection!

The website - - is a product that is designed to increase the professionalism of your business, and do away with unnecessary fees and set up costs. The product is called CallButler, and can do a variety of functions to help your business such as toll free numbers, answer customer calls, transfer calls to employees, use existing home and mobile phones as extensions, and much more.

This is a system that can save your business a serious amount of money, saving you from paying for a business telephone system, monthly fees to your telephone company and allowing you to implement the system quickly and easily.

This is a big must for any small business, and a great step in increasing your productivity and efficiency.

- Liam Webb

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