Thursday, June 09, 2022

Get more out of life!

Tips and strategies if you want more people to know you:

#1.  Don't aim to have others like you; aim to have them respect you.

#2.  Be the change you wish to see.

#3.  Compliment people behind their back. you will be surprised how much people will comment about that!

#4.  Being always angry, makes you appear stupid - which won't help the knowing of you spread! Who wants to be known as stupid!

#5.  Use this standard retort to an insult! You are probably right. because often they are!

#6.  To be wealthy, accumulate all those things money can't buy - friendship is at the  top of that list!

#7.  To get more friends remember: Just because it's not your fault doesn't mean it's not your reponsibilty!

#8.  Ask geat questions and listen to the answers before you interject your point of view.

#9.  Get people talking about you! Over promise and then over deliver! That should do it!

#10. Always smile and avoid seeking the approval of others. People will like you more if you smile! And remember, you are only as young as the last time you changed your mind.

Todays Hashtags [Helps this article to be found]

                1.        #NFT
                2.        #GST
                3.        #AustralianCricket
                4.        #MortgageStress
                5.        #BorderWars
                6.        #Election 2022
                7.        #Afl
                8.        #Ukraine
                9.        #RealEstatecorrectin
                10.      #ChangeofStatus[now 4th and 5th jab]

# Hashtags were invented for Instagram. The web has adopted #Hashtags as the default indexing system. Instagram allows 30 # Hashtags per post and the best # Hashtags to use  for you to be found are 10 which have 5 million+ mentions, 10 which have between 500K and 5 million mentions and 10 that have

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