Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Chicken Soup for Soul series...

Mark Victor Hansen - it is unusual who you meet in your life... one of those people was MV Hansen who I meet maybe 40 years ago and he was promoting a Doctor of Life... so to get a Dr beofre oyur name, all you had to do was make a list of your life achievements and of course pay the fee... so the person I met was Dr Mark Victor Hansen and I wasn't impressed at all. 

I met Mark again when I went to Los angelos for a conference with  Jay Abrahams... he had dropped the "Dr" by now and was just getting started with the Chicken Soup books. Again he didn't do it for me but hey who am I to say... so MVH is one of the world's greatest known Personal Motivation Gurus and he didn't do anything for me... I have also met many others who have left positive impressions... like Denis Waitly, Zig and Art Linkletter... to name a few.

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