Tuesday, December 29, 2020

It can't be that long - can it?

 I am on my daily morning walk and decided that the sabatical has been long enough!

So, the start is writing my thoughts.... do you know it was over 3 months ago since I have done this... over 3 months!

No wonder I am out of sorts... even though I am fully functional I am apparently not... just what has 2020 done to us all? I spoke with a friend [Bernard K] and he said the biggest hassle with "retirement" was relevance... and after 18 months of the chang and then in hibernatione I have to agree.

Cruise speaking was the plan but 1 month of it saw me unsatisfied then the Covid-19 situation saw cruiing stopped... so anyway you slice it, it didn't work out... it is unsatisfying but maybe I need to talk to the audience[?] than in hibernation?

[ for those not up on this I did 1 month on Spectrum of the Seas on its maiden vovage from Barcelona to Singapore]

Ah well 2021 should be better [?]

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