Thursday, November 07, 2019

Who has right of way on a footpath?

Pedestrians have right of way most of the time...

Here is the law:

In general, drivers are required by law to give way to pedestrians in the following situations:
· At pedestrian crossings and in shared zones.
· When the driver is entering or leaving the road. For example: when driving into or out of your driveway at home you must give way to pedestrians on the footpath.
· When the driver is turning left or right at an intersection the driver must give way to any pedestrian at or near the intersection who is crossing the road the driver is entering. This provision does not appear to apply to roundabouts, perversely.
· When the driver is doing a U-turn.

Today as I was walking, a loud horn noise broke my concentration when a lady turned left across where I was walking and nearly ran me over. I am sure... and I looked it up, if you are turning left off a main road you need to give way to Pedestrians... her excuse was the guy behind her was too close and I was easier to scare than him behind.

Scare me she did and as I avoided her I dropped my wallet which some kind soul returned to me at my home later in the morning.

Rant over!


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