Friday, November 01, 2019

Give an idiot a uniform and a gun and create a monster


This is the offending Lynfox Armaguard Vehicle

As you do a Friday when you have leisure days, I walked to the local $2 coffee shop in Coventry Square Shopping Centre.

On starting my walk home I noticed the traffic backed up into Walter Road and I went to investigate. It was a Lynfox Armaguard vehicle parked [correctly] but the right indicator was flashing as if he wanted to exit the parking space and drive off. With no visibility vehicles in the lane he was "trying" to enter had stopped to allow him to do that BUT the driver, in a uniform, busy on his phone was oblivious to the situation he was causing.

I attracted his attention but all I got for my trouble was an impolite FOff and he went back to his phone and the traffic problem continued - but hey he had a uniform and a gun.

So, if you are that Lynfox Armaguard Driver, get a life mate and be considerate of other people. I know what you do is a dangerous job but a little common sense and courtesy doesn't cost much and gets you goodwill.

I was so insensed I phoned Linfox Armaguard and was nearly choking on the repeated message about how they were an iconic successful Australian business who took their responsibilities seriously.

Maybe the driver need to listen and maybe he will get the message... or not

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#CoventrySqure #Fail

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