Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Obstacle is the Way

The Obstacle is the Way
Just heard an interview with Ryan Holiday by Robert Kiyosaki... and I was reminded about the last couple of days... also Seth Godin's book The Dip. Most people give up due to the obstacles and success lies just beyond.
I had a challenging week of travel - my electric shaver somehow was turned on in the bag - so couldn't shave for 2 days - places to buy a replacement weren't open by the time I start or finish.
Left my laptop bag in the Qantas Lounge when leaving Sydney with 2 days of training to do - the airline found it but to transfer from one city to another said I had to use a courier which wanted $450 NOT to get to me in time to use... had to recreate the presentations...
Then in Melbourne stayed at the hotel I have stayed at for 20 plus times - new reception wanted extra $$$$ bond as I was checking in so late... of course all the other pre-authorisations had eaten up the balance on my cards - tense 30 minutes but creativity meant I got a room to sleep..
A morning walk is the ritual I order on an app so don't need to take my wallet - "Sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties try later " What is that word that you can't say that starts with F
And the wifi doesn't work and the paper is late - the next few days are going to be amazing!!
And I am reminded that the difference between success and obscurity is that successful people learn to eat shit before the lamingtons.
Ahh well it is Sunday... did you watch the wedding.

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