Friday, May 04, 2018

Can you trust them... [ politicians I mean ]

A little off my normal thought pattern today I want to comment on politics...

The local member for Perth a young family man is quitting immediately [ forcing a by election ] because he wants to be a dad to his 3 young daughters - more power to him.

The area he represents in our Federal Parliament is Perth which I am sometimes in and sometimes not - the redraw the boundaries every few years and my street is sometimes in and some times out.

It has been a strong Labour seat and whoever they [ Labour ] nominates gets in... in this mornings paper they are saying ex Senator Pratt is red hot favourite to get the gig... now I identified with Hammond [ the retiring guy ] father of three in traditional marriage but no way do I identify with Pratt who is in a modern marriage with a transgender partner.

My question - have we gone too far with what is accepted as modern two party politics??

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