Monday, May 21, 2018

The difference a week makes

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Last week John Worsfold was Australia's worst football coach and was consigned to the scrap heap.
This morning I read his team pull off a miracle win - and John is back being a genius... and it was after all the players who were at fault.
Life is funny!!
And West Australia has a power crisis... TOO much solar power being feed into the grid - two problems with that - o revenue for the greedy power facility and too much power that they can't sell as they forced the prices too high which got people to instal solar panels [ and the circle goes round and round...]
Oh I forgot these decisions are made by the people we elected to govern us... tut tut serves us right! Not a problem where the sun doesn't shine 300 plus days a year.
My question:
When do we stop taking advice from people who have less than 5 hours of sunlight for 6 months a year??

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