Thursday, June 15, 2017

What does CNN stands for?? Could it be Constantly Negative News??

Is this a better alternative to more Terror Attacks??

Have you noticed that London has dominated the news lately and NOT for all the right reasons...

Terror attacks on a London Bridge, Terror attacks in Manchester, Terror attacks at Borough Market and then just for a change, A 27 story high rise apartment complex engulfed in fire with lives lost... oops I forgot one... the General Election which ended in a hung Parliament which was against all odds which Mains Stream media predicted would be a 100 seat majority!!

what do all these things have in common Negative news... and to keep the TV God feed it is beamed constantly CNN... and the result??

In Australia the third television network Channel 10 slips in administration - we are getting sick of CNN and have finally turned off and the advertisers aren't paying anymore.

What abut facebook?? Most common activities are viewing family pictures [ POSITIVE ] cat videos [POSITIVE] How to videos[ POSITIVE and advertisers are flocking there.

My challenge to everyone - get with the POSITIVE program.

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