Sunday, June 18, 2017

Unexpected consequence of less newspaper sales... more taxi drivers in Sydney!

Last week I took a taxi from Kent Street Sydney to Qantas Domestic Terminal [ cheap not at $51.50 ] The train  was not an option with 4 pieces of luggage.

My driver was a qualified architect , Australian citizen who had been in Sydney for 8 years - his adult sons had graduated Sydney universities some 5 years earlier. Why a taxi driver?? Well his training in Shanghai China is not recognised in Australia but if he was from Bangladesh it would have been [ ? ] His first choice of occupation in Sydney?? A Newsagent but they are a dying business as people get their news on line and their Lotto tickets - online!!

Some positive news for our taxi driver - his cab was a Toyota Camry Hybrid - fuel cost were once $50 a shift but they had dropped to just $15. He said one issue though was less places to buy fuel and also Uber charged much less than a taxi... I had read that Sydney cab drivers can agree a fare less than what is on the meter to compete with UBER. [ ooops I forgot to ask my cabbie to match UBER ]

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