Sunday, June 25, 2017

#Fail Jobs Jobs or Tech that doesn't work?? The later for corporate giant MacDonalds

Job Gobbling Self Serve

MacDonald's Australia proudly claim to be creating new jobs with an extended menu and table service... ooops just wait while we do away with cash registers and deploy self order kiosks and self order apps disguised as loyalty card...

My experience is - self order kiosks that are often out of till paper - not turned on when stores open, and really a rather unfriendly experience.

Ohh! and priority to drive through - that really gets up my nose!!

so, a lover of friendly tech - iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Surface etc... I am trying the App to order. I have 5 or more bonuses dues but can't claim them... and nobody at my local Maccas in Walter Road Morley can help - staff, managers, or owners... its OK do get rid of jobs but the technology doesn't have to work??

iPhone App that doesn't allow customised orders #FAIL

In great social media language that is a massive #Fail MacDonalds.

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