Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why don't Doctors care about their patients?

Skin Cancers
A quick question first: Why do we want to rant more than we want to compliment?? Human nature?? I don't know.

Anyway, here goes...
Once a year I visit my health care professional [ code for Doctor ] to have my skin checked for small cancers - a benefit of living in a sun soaked county like Australia. It usually ends with a nitrogen freeze unit for the obvious ones, a prescription of the unseen ones and about every three years a scaple for the bad ones... it has been my lot for maybe 30 years. Big price to pay for 3 years in the sun as a teenage surfer.

Step 1: Make and appointment - Dr "xxxxx" isn't here any more [ 2016 ] Apparently he did something he shouldn't have when a patient was hipnotised! Who is the best GP you have for skin probelms... Well Dr J is a world renowned expert [ as you would be coming from Perth ] "Can I see him"

And he was great, had a nitrogen bottle and said "Nothing bad was happening see you next year!"

Step 1 [ 2017 ]: Everything is no online... try to make an appointment with Dr J but he isn't on the list anymore - do some research, he is shift practice and it closer to me [ but wouldn't it have been nice if they had told me?? ]

Step 2: Make an appointment. Tuesday 11,15am - very efficient a text message comes with a code to have me fill in to confirm I am a human. Done all good.

8am Tuesday Text message - CONFIRM YOU ARE COMING Done!

I take the trip to the city, via the Post Office to collect more copies of The5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

10.15 Text message from Dr J - Don't be late!!

10.50 arrive at Drs, fill in all the forms and that important Medicare number so they can get paid

11.45 I leave - no Doctor, no explanation, nothing.

Don't medical professionals get it - patients time is valuable too. Patients are people, explain why you hassled me to be on time but then ignored me...

Apparently they were a Doctor short and they were behind - didn't they know that when they were hassling me to be on time?? Didn't they kn ow that when I was filling in their forms?? Didn't they know that when I was asked to take a seat "Dr J will be with you shortly"?

Maybe they did but did they think to tell me to be able to make a decision about whether to wait, or reschedule - I had a 12 noon important appointment with my dentist around the corner.

What did they do?? NOTHING!! After the event an apology and explanation were offered - too late and also rude!

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