Friday, April 21, 2017

Are you a citizen of the world?

Blu the Bengal
Today I am in Perth Western Australia

Tomorrow when I update this I will be in transit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

And on Sunday I will be updating from Penang.

How about you??

Joanne [ she who must be obeyed at my place ] has Italian heritage so has two passports... an Australian one and a Italian one ] last year after a month in Italy she said she had started to THINK in Italian... when we were in Spain she was as confused as me... me with English and no Spanish, Joanne with English, Italian and some Spanish

Matthew runs the Middle East part of our business and has permanent residence in Qatar.

Erica with her dual passports lived in London for 12 years before the cold winters lost out to the Perth beaches, sounds like she was born in the UK...

How about you?

[ And Blu the cat is a Bengal! ]

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