Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fake News? No it's from YOUR Government

USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier
We got closer to a full blown conflict with the hermit state North Korea last week...


The US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis said the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and 4 other war ships were steaming toward North Korea BUT they were actually going the opposite way to Australia in play in friendly war game.

All over the Western World Easter gatherings were discussing what Trump / Kim Jung Un would be doing next. I was at one of those gathering where those thoughts were expressed loudly. I differ dramatically politically with the person showing genuine concern and it reminded me of parties during the Vietnam War debate in Australia where I was asked not to bring my friend because he was so loud in his views he made people uncomfortable.

But hey, all the emotion was based on Official FAKE News. It must be right if the White House said it was happening? Must'n it?

Oh we are in strange times. My first thought when the news broke the UK was having a General Election on June 8th was "Is it true?" So, I stayed up for hours seeing Ms May telling me it was true.

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