Monday, September 28, 2015

Now that is a Greeting...

Fast Eddys Morley
It is a public holiday in Perth today... so my favourite week time coffee haunt for the 6am coffee, Redman Cucina is closed and I visit the local FastEddys.

On Saturday I discussed with the lovely young lady her progress on doing her "10,000 steps " The health of Australia is better for those on wrist counters. She told me that she was pulling a double shift today, and to check in with her on Sunday to see how she went.

Well, I have another "she who must be obeyed" and my Sunday coffee was at another place and I didn't get to check in.

When I asked her today how she was going... she said the most amazing thing.

"I am used to hearing people have stopped coming in because they have died. So that is what I thought when you weren't here yesterday"

Who believes in the 60 is the new 40... I have some work to do!!

[ With penalty rates for a pubic holiday my flat white was $4.60 - phew... ]

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