Monday, September 28, 2015

Nothing Stays the Same - 60 is the new 40

A friend of mine just shared with me:

Not sure if you know but Australia currently has the 3rd highest life expectancy behind Iceland and Japan. The first 2 because if the fish they eat. Because of this, Aussies have a lot more time in their hands

So, when I was much younger, my grandmother deied at 63... and what I can remember she died of old age. My mother passed at 56 from hard work, kidney problems from using too much Bex powder [remember - "have a bex and a lie down..." ]

And I know many people who have pushed passed 80 and enjoy radiant health and engaging lifestyles... Charlie next door, into his late 70's has just "bought a Jeep"

So my challenge to you is to put some time into 
Understanding the demographic changes that are changing the world.

Specifically, where are marketing dollars flowing and can you be in the middle. What services do aging baby boomers need? Is the world running out of clean water? Are newspapers going to survive? Etc. Etc. 

Read every day to understand what is going on. I am starting the #just17 movement to identify these changes and help the new wealthy group enjoy life to the full..

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