Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Stunned... amazing service at Coles Noranda Wedstern Australia

The other day I made a rush visit to my local Coles supermarket in Noranda.

I had run out of my milk of choice for my flat white coffee - Bannister Full cream = and the IGA in my street doesn't stock it.

So I went to Coles, grabbed a litre of milk and some chewing game - a total of $5.10 and proceeded through the self service check out.

After scanning the items noting happened so I did it again... thinking that somehow I had messed up. I had similar luck the second time so I asked for assistance.

The young lady retrieved a receipt for me from my second attempt at the self service check out. I asked her to confirm that the first one didn't work. Unfortunately she only could check the last transaction. I asked if she could make a note so that if I was charged twice I could get a refund.

What happened next stunned me. Thinking she was going to record the situation, she went to the service area, entered so details in the computer system, return to me and gave me $5.10 and said

"If there are two charges on your statement, here is your money. If there is only one, you have got a bonus from Coles... thanks for shopping with us..."

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