Thursday, March 05, 2015

Guests get in the way at the Rendezvous Hotel Anzac Park Brisbane

Rendezvous Brisbane
One of the problems of travelling from Perth is that you arrive early… in Brisbane at 5.30 am and if you want to access the hotel, check in starts at 2 pm. Well, after 15 years of travelling, no hotel really wants to go out of their way to accommodate a traveller from Perth. If I pay for the night BEFORE they will let me in… yet we check out the next morning at at 6am… doesn’t make sense to me… how about you.

Knowing this, I went in reception at Rendezvous Anzac Park Brisbane and asked to be checked in as early as possible as I would be presenting until 5 pm but my travelling companion, in this case my travelling companion my son Matthew, wanted to access the room before I finished my session.

A very helpful receptionist said it would be OK… as soon as a room was available she would ring matthew and he could access the room.

Remembering the 2pm “start” for registration was the absolute minimum level of service promised, by 1.45pm no call had been received so Matt checked. The response…. yes you guessed it…. our check in time is 2pm!!! Why oh why promise some accommodation for a request?? I am sure that no change over update was given when the morning receptionist went home. Sorry guys that is a FAIL

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