Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How bad does it have to get before you do something about it

How bad does it have to get before you do something about it??

That is a saying I remember from one of the 1970’s self help gurus… Colin Hayes was his name and I recall visiting his office which was a rotunda shaped thatched room with a dirt floor, in the hills of Kalamunda where some delightful “mixed up” beauties hung on his every word. If he wasn’t so screwed up I could have wanted to be him.

He was a chain smoking foul mouthed egomaniac who had a cult like following and he was asking me for marketing advice.

His favourite saying was:

How bad does it have to get before you do something about it, and how good does it get before you stuff it up.

I think he was somewhere in the middle at the time.

Well mid December 2014 was a low point for me… everything I had been doing had stopped working… where I would get 400 people a month to my seminars, I was getting 20 bookings and therefore having to cancel, refunding and actually losing money.

The social media consulting business also ground to a halt… a six figure income evaporated overnight - one client said it wasn’t working, one said it was working too well and they needed a rest and for a third client, i quit as we weren’t happy with the results we were getting for them.

The low point was when, because of the lack of cashflow, I had to ask for a small loan to get me through… and I hadn’t done that for 20 years!

So, I decided to try everything at once and see what worked… and a couple of our seminars gained immediate traction, numbers shot back to 400 a month “for some titles”, some didn’t work and I refunded the fees, and basically I was “back in the game.”

It is the end of my first 90 segment of my 100 “90 day plan” plan for the next 25 years… and I can share with you that much progress has been made, many debts paid, and a few $$$’s are in the bank account to pave the way for my second “90 day plan” of the 100 90 day journey to 88.

So, I know tomorrow is April 1st, 2015 but it doesn’t seem like it will be April’s Fool.

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