Thursday, November 06, 2014

My writing place

My writing place

Journal for today
Tools are important as a writer but I think having a dedicated pace to write is MORE important. Over the last few days I have been writing in an area that the rest of the family use… and it didn’t feel right… so I made a decision. SET UP A WRITING DESK away from my WORK desk in my office area of my house. It is already a large area with three work areas and maybe a dozen screens when youncount PCs, iPads, tablets and laptops. So space isn’t an issue, rather distractions are the problem.

I just wrote in my journal:

“Shifted my stuff to the second desk so I don’t get in the way of Joanne. Also it is a WRITING and THINKING place as distinct from a WORK PLACE. So need to fix light - shift over the lamp and also get a new mouse mat. It already feels RIGHT.

Do you have a special place where you KNOW you are in the right place to Write… let me know