Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Bigger Goals Are Easier To Achieve

Burgers are Better at Burger King
Have you ever heard of the N-Effect? It says that when we think we have lots of competitors our overall performance decreases. Another way of saying that is where lots of people are competing for the same thing, everyone does less well.

I presume that’s why fast food is so ordinary and that everyone is universally bad… is a Big Mac significantly different than a Burger King Whopper or are they, after decades of rivalry, equally inedible?

The N-Effect says that it is easier to get a 10X improvement than a 10% increase in performance.

So, when setting goals, go for the outrageous. Firstly if you do this with an optimistic mind set it will inspire you and  secondly, there will be very little competition for the scarce resources required to achieve your goal.

So, my challenge to you is this… is your goal big enough to excite you and encourage others to help you? 

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