Monday, November 17, 2014

Tax Office In Tray for 11 years!

Australian Taxation Office
Tax Office In Tray for 11 years!

I was surprised to receive an email from the Australian Taxation Office last week.

Well I wasn’t surprised to get a letter from them as we have become regular correspondents over the years, but more correctly about the subject of the email… a company that was deregistered in March 2003.

The email asked if any details had changed and said I should update the company's GST registration…

So I rang the number on the email and after a relatively short 55 minute wait, got through to a young guy who was extremely helpful. I asked what had triggered this email and he said, “It has probably been sitting in someone’s in tray for a while and now they want to finalise the matter.”

Now I couldn’t see his face but I am sure he said it with a straight face… the last activity was in March 2003 and the company it referred to had been deregistered in March 2003. so, it had been waiting to be finalised for 11 years!!!

I wonder if that is a world record??

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