Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disputor or disruptee

I was thinking this morning... what am I doing that doesn't work any more... and my humbling answer is: MOST OF IT!!

So, using a term that keeps recurring, I have challenged myself to repurpose everything!! That is keep doing some of the same things but fine tuning them to get a different result.
Some of the problem about why my outcomes are less successful than previously is that my targeting hasn't adjusted to the new reality. I was prompted to this thought on my morning walk listening to Joel Weldon. He said he nearly starved selling success programs to people who he thought needed them, so he started selling them to successful people who wanted more success and became himself a major success.

So here are some ideas for a pivot in your thinking:
Keep the machines in your factory but make different things.
Keep your customers but change what you sell them.
Keep you mission, but change your scale.

and in my case, rethink what I have done in the last 20 years.

Rather than think of myself as a renegade think of myself as a disruptor. A renegade is looked down on as someone doing stuff "against accepted practice" and therefore really not to be admired.

Yet, by reframing what I have done, a disruptor is someone who sees the new way before the rest of us, and changes forever how we do things.

25 years ago, I was at a direct marketing conference put on by Australia Post... and at the time I was pioneering fax marketing, and I told the presenter that mail would be obsolete one day, to which he scoffed.

Strangely fax marketing and the fax machine are becoming a distant memory due to the rise and rise of email so faxing was a short flare int eh world of marketing.

However as a disruptor in pioneering email marketing I have seen Australia Post announce its first loss on ordinary mail as people stop sending "real" mail. They haven't stopped writing to each other, rather they have stopped paying Australia Post to deliver their message.

So, I am proud of being a disruptor to ordinary mail. Firstly using fax marketing and then email... and rather than hide from my run in with authorities and those who would protect the unprotectable, I now see my email sending fines as a badge of honour.

UBER is facing fines of $500,000 in Germany for disrupting the taxi industry, yet in 10 years we will struggle to remember how bad taxi service was. Oh I long for the wait in a taxi queue at S
ydney airport to be shorter in time than I spent in the plane on the flight from Melbourne.

So, join my as I "learn, unlearn and relearn" and pivot for change and be happy and proud to be known as a disruptor. http://www.stumpjump.net

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