Sunday, September 21, 2014

When was the last time you received a TELEGRAM?

When was the last time you received a TELEGRAM...

Sunday morning, when it is belting down with rain, is a great day to reflect on the "good old times..."

what sparked my thoughts today was a list of telegrams that were read out at a wedding... and it got me thinking, when was the last time you received a telegram?? And also what else has just disappeared??

So here we go... 7 things that have just "disappeared..."

The Dodo Bird Long since extinct
1. Getting film processed... now I do have a friend Lyn who says there is nothing wrong with her camera so why should she change but how many of you have had a film developed in the last 12 months?? Failure to adjust to how people were taking pictures bankrupted Kodak while it created one of the world's great companies, Facebook and its first acquisition, instagram which was purchased fo $1 billion. Are you still taking pictures on film??

2. Street Directories... yes I know they are fighting a rearguard action with new issues for Christmas but truly, if you don't know were some thing is, do you each for your trustee UBD or do you punch it into google and then let google tell you how to get there using their GPS application...

3. World Book or Britannica encyclopedia... in Australia 15 years ago there were 5000 salespeople selling those beautiful books of knowledge... there are less than 10 now. Encyclopedias were replaced firstly by CD's then the internet in general and more lately wikipedia.

4. Hand written letters... writing by hand has become so uncommon many people just can't write stuff out anymore. More people are writing [actually typing] to each other than ever before but the poor old handwritten letter is going the way of the dodo... that is an extinct South Pacific flightless bird.

5. Cheques or as our American cousins call them Checks. Once the backbone of the banking system the humble cheque book has nearly become a thing of the past. In my business, I get 1 cheque every 3 to 4 months... and I don't have a cheque book on the current business account.

6. VHS tape, or vinyl records, or cassette tapes or floppy disks. Physical storage gave way to digital on tape and disk and now we have this strange thing called the "cloud" where digital matter exists.  My first digital memory was 1 meg for a eye popping $1,000 compared to my pro account on dropbox of 1 Terabyte [that is 1000 Gigabytes ] for $10 per month.

7. The iPod! Yes, after changing the way we listen to music the ipod has been retired after just 13 years, replaced by music streaming services like Spotify.

So my question is this... what are you doing that is already obsolete?? Are you the dine in Pizza Hut when everyone is pick up or deliver, are you the Yellow Pages Directory company when google is quicker and free... well you get my drift.


  1. I never received a telegram. Always wondered what that would feel like.

  2. Yes the thrill of old fashion commynication is someting that we should have bottled and brought back