Saturday, September 20, 2014

iPhone 6 Agony

What colour iPhone did you get??
Wayne's White iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Agony...

Well I have my shiny new WHITE iPhone 6 and it is GREAT!

But new things bring pain and I am having dramas repairing bluetooth toys and keeping the wifi connected.

With the blue tooth I found this amazing tip... ready for discovery is alternating red and blue lights... and they don't appear until, yes I can confirm this as tru, 8 seconds of holding down the paid button... once that secret revealed itself, my pairing started to occur and work... so my car phone is working, my powerful desk speaker is beating out Spotify and my wireless sports headset in piping podcasts into my ears as I walk to have coffee at Red Man Cucinaeach morning.

But today my iPhone 6 didn't recognise my house as its' home so I need some gentle persuasion to get it working well. I am sure that it will take a little while longer and all will be back to normal.

One unexpected pleasure is that Foursquare has become usable with iPhone 6 where as I had ditched it after they added swarm and it became unusable.

so, there is some joy with my new toy...

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