Sunday, January 29, 2012

6 Features to Master Klout

Klout is here to stay... and I admit I try and get my score higher... especially after the algorithm dropped me nearly 20 points - 70 to 50. I have got back to 62...

So I search for articles on what to do... I found this one whilst watching the Australian Open Mens Final - it's been going now over 5 hours!! Don't know who will win...
Here is the article:

The following content will teach you how to use Klout without the mention of Klout Score. Kloutis here to stay. It is not necessary to delete your Klout profile, but you may want to reconsider how your assess your social media engagement techniques based on your Klout Score.
Use Klout's 6 best and practical features to your advantage. Begin by logging in to Klout and join us on the following tour.
6 Practical Klout Features1. Recent Buzz. Find out if you are following the current topics in your network's buzzfeed, which is found at the bottom of your dashboard. Klout does a great job organizing like-minded users, so don't ignore this comprehensive feed.
2. Influential Topics. The topics list helps regulate your online reputation management. Make sure your topics relate to your brand. Topical influencers are able to engage their audience on a specific subject.
3. Best Content. Select a topic and click on the "best content" button. This hard-to-find feature is a great way to meet others who have similar interests and post current, reliable content.
4. 90-day Activity. Try documenting the data retrieved by Klout to make monthly analyses of your engagement tactics. Consider setting goals for yourself, such as aiming to increase your retweets or seeking to receive more mentions.
5. Influencers List. Use this list to target your audience. It is simple to add a person or company using their Twitter name.
6. Klout Style. The most creative and innovative Klout feature is the Klout Style (pictured above).Everyone has influence. The Klout Style reminds us that we do not belong in the celebrity category if our mentors are not.
Consistency and focus is a good thing.
To learn more about social content strategy, contact social media strategists and learn how to use the Klout to manage a company or brand online. Remember to take the Klout data for what it is. We may as well practice using Klout to manage online connections since it is not going anywhere.
Do you have a Klout profile? What is your favorite feature on Klout? Share your thoughts


  1. Thanks, Wayne. I have been very impressed with your Klout score improving greatly. It's helpful to get a tour of the site from someone who knows it so well.

    1. Thanks for the comments Carolyn

      I really was annoyed when my klout was KLOUTED by 20 points so have tried to find out how to get it back into the 70's. The avergae is just 20, 40 is where people take notice, and 60 + puts you in the big league [you wouldn't know I cared would you LOL]

      Thanks again

  2. I haven't reached that massive score. It was very impressive and I guess you were KLOUTEDLY addict. Well, I'm just kidding cause I do really shock a bit and who knows that you might be listed and recognize as awesome surfer.

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