Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Twitter Apps - How many do you use?

Just found this great list of Twitter apps for productivity in managing my Twitter accounts. I am ONLY using 6 of these 10... how about you?
The article starts:

Are you still looking for the best Twitter services and utilities that are able to enhance your tweeting experience and bring more value to it? Look no more for today we will be sharing with you the top 10 Twitter utilities available on the web:
  1. The best URL shortner around used by various Twitter applications directly or to leverage their bookmarklets.
  2. A highly valuable service that allows you to publish your updates to many social networks simultaneously.
  3. Visibli: Optimizing engagement means sharing great content– even if it isn’t your own. The Engagement Bar shows your brand above each linked page to keep you top-of-mind. Also has analytics.
  4. Tweepi: A great Twitter management tools with stats which allows you to follow, flush, reciprocate and clean up your Twitter account based on users’ activity, engagement, retweets and so on.
  5. Twitter Split: An interesting tool you can install to allow you to track links in tweets you post.
  6. TrueTwit: A Twitter validation tool that helps automate some key services.
  7. Twit Longer: A simple tool which allows you to send longer Tweets.
  8. Twitter Keys: Blog post with a variety of little icons and images you can add into your tweets to make them more fun and expressive.
  9. Follow Friday Helper:  Let’s you easily build thank you & other messages to people who mention, RT, etc. you.
  10. TwimeMachine: An easy way  to see all your past Tweets.


  1. Hi Wayne! Thanks for posting this - the amount of tools for Twitter is truly dazzling and it helps to have a list once in a while.
    I hope you don't mind if I disagree with some of the recommendations - my comments are purely from my own experience and point of view:
    3. I just turned off Visibly because I felt that it got more attention than my own brand
    6. TrueTwit is on my pet-peeve list - I feel that it increases DM-Spam and has no effect to screen out bots... partly because shady accounts and bots often use it to hide behind. Fortunately I don't see many TrueTwit requests anymore. I used TrueTwit when I started with Twitter but I'm glad I got away from it.
    7. Twit Longer: IMHO the charm of Twitter is in the 140 character rules. It takes very little effort to learn how to keep it short.

    Thanks for the link to Twitter Split - I'll check it out.
    Sorry for the rant ;-) Tweet you later

  2. Thanks for sharing...I use tweepi and, but would love to check out the rest...

  3. Thanks for the list of Twitter tools, Wayne. I tried Visibli but the toobar kind of bugged commenters when I used it on my blog. Haven't gone back and put it on Twitter, although I've seen that top bloggers use it. Probably should.

  4. i also use those applications through we can increase our followers,

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