Friday, January 27, 2012

13 People to follow on Google Plus

Here’s the most accessabile top expert niche authority peeps on Google+

+Mari Smith – Relationship Marketing
+Jack Humphrey – Content Curation
+Michel Fortin Sales Copy for IM
+Barry Schwartz SEO
+Denis Labelle Breaking Google+ News
+Martin Maybruck Mobile Websites
+Travis Campbell Affiliate Marketing
+Trey Ratcliff Photography
+Lynette Young Google+ Community
+Robert Scoble Startups
+Darren Rowse Mega Blog Traffic
+Fran├žois Beaufort Chrome / Chromebook Guru

+Wayne Mansfield that's me.... 


  1. Google Plus gets past beta development and allows open global access, then it will be a good tier one+ place to be and interact, personally one step behind LinkedIn. That's only because I conclude in the medium term, LinkedIn will still attract and keep online the highly influential and incumbent business people, where as Google Plus will attract a wider and broader global audience.

  2. Google Plus is firstly based on your Google Profile, so you need a Google Profile to access and use Google Plus. Hence personally, Google Plus at best is at present a second tier tool to job search over a first tier essential, like a Google Profile is.