Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warthog for Breakfast

Our Foundation - The Jindalee Foundation sponsors Kainuk at an animal sanctuary in Kenya run by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Here is the September update:

There was high drama in the Nursery today when a lioness seized a C by the head at 9 a.m. just a few paces from the Orphans’ Stockades, within sight of all the workers who were at hand to actually witness the drama. It took the lioness half an hour to actually kill the adult female warthog. Later she left the kill to go and fetch her three cubs to partake of her warthog prize. Earlier the lioness had chased a bushbuck past the orphans, scaring them all, especially Kainuk, who ran off screaming. The Keepers had a difficult time rounding them all up, especially anxious about Rombo, who might have run far. However, they all soon reassembled, and the rest of the day passed peacefully.

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