Friday, October 21, 2011

7 McDonald's Facts You Don't Kow

We all know that McDonald’s is a global behemoth. The Golden Arches produce food at an industrial scale in countless countries across the globe – but there are definitely seven facts that you won’t have known about this multinational corporation that we’re going to unveil here.

7. The population of Britain visits a McDonald’s every day
This isn’t me informing you that Britain in particular craves the sweet-salty taste of a Big Mac. Don’t misconstrue me: the Queen doesn’t love the special sauce (well, she might, but I’m not sure). Rather, 62 million people – the equivalent of the entire population of Britain – worldwide visit a McDonald’s every single day of the year.
6. It’s the 68th biggest economy in the world
That’s right – McDonald’s has a bigger economy than Paraguay, Iceland, Ecuador and Afghanistan. It rakes in more money annually ($32 billion) than more than half the world’s nations. Basically, it’s its own country: McDonaldLand, with its own flag and President (we want Ronald to be deposed by the Hamburgler in a coup).
5. Every eighth American has worked for the arches
Ring around your friends. The chances are that if all eight are in gainful employment, at some point in their life one of them has flipped burgers or worked the fryers at a McDonald’s. That’s a lot of people who know the supposed secret of the special sauce…
4. That counts for celebrities, too
You think celebrities aren’t common enough to have taken your order at McDonald’s? Somewhere there are people who have been bagged and served by Jay Leno, Sharon Stone, Pink and Rachel McAdams.
3. McDonald’s is bigger than Jesus

Try the McNuggets!
So someone did a test with participants to see if they could recognise logos. Amongst them was the cross – pretty much universally recognised as the logo of the Christian faith – and the golden arches. Guess which one came out as more recognisable? That’s right, McDonald’s wiped the floor with religion: 88% recognised the arches, while only 54% recognised the cross.
2. You’re never more than 100 miles from a McDonald’s in America (apart from one field in South Dakota)
It’s like the whole “you’re never more than 3 feet from a rat” stat, this one. Incredibly, McDonald’s has saturated the American market so much that even in the remotest part of the country, you’re unlikely to be too far to drive for a McFlurry.
1. The Queen of England owns a franchised store
Yeah, this is cool. Our very own Queen Elizabeth II – Her Royal Highness to you American plebs – has gotten in on the act, too. She owns a McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace, her permanent residence. So maybe she does like the special sauce, after all…

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