Monday, October 24, 2011

7 Quick Google Plus Tips

Google + is the latest major social media platform to land on the web. It offers yet another way for Internet users to share their life and online resources with other people in real time. Circles, Sparks, Hangouts all are lots of fun and can work as an important way to promote your business, but there are some considerations to make whenever use social media. Use these 7 tips for using Google+ in the office to start building safe and effective habits.

1. Think Before You Post

Everyone involved in a business needs to carefully think about what they say and do in social media before they do anything. Even if you create an official policy concerning social media, covering every circumstance is almost impossible. The best thing to do is exercise and a lot of caution because what goes on in Google+ can affect the reputation of your business, your products and your employees.

2. Keep It All Business

Social media, including Google+, can be valuable for staying in touch with prospects, customers, vendors and industry leaders. Keeping your business matters separate from your personal life in social media may be a good idea.

3. Control Your Profile

When you use Google plus, your profile is open to the public. Make sure it looks professional, and doesn’t include any embarrassing or personal information that can be detrimental to yourself or to your business. Also, remember that everything you “+” automatically attaches your name, so remember not to place any websites that might be considered unprofessional, or otherwise inappropriate.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Online Reputation

Periodically search Google and other platforms to see what people are saying about you, your business and your brand. Social media has opened up an entire new aspect of reputation management because it is so easy for other people to publicize their opinions. Although many reputation management tools are available to individual users, more serious cases require the services of a professional firm that specializes in mitigating online sentiment.

5. Take Security Precautions

If successful, malicious people can gain access to public user profiles which can get them access to personal e-mails and other information. Avoid unnecessary complications by routinely changing your password to keep the bad guys guessing. Also, users should make an effort to stay abreast of all available privacy tools.

6. Watch Your Personal Life

Even if you maintain a separate personal profile, users need to be careful about what they say and do and social media. For example, negative talk about employers, employees, customers and vendors should be avoided. Also any activities that could be considered inappropriate such as wild, drunken parties should be avoided. Even in your personal profile and on impersonal time what you say can impact your business and cause others to see you in a negative light.

7. Establish and Enforce Policy

Your business could experience harm if you attempt to manage social networking policies by the seat-of-the-pants. With the addition of Google+ to the industry, there are multiple high-profile ways that your company can get into trouble on the social scene. If necessary, consult lawyers who specialize in human resources to draw up a feasible policy that will control the way your employees behave themselves online.
Once this policy is completed, it should be used to educate employees so they know what to expect if they behave themselves inappropriately. Also, prepare yourself to and force the policy so those who work for you understand how important social media is to your business.
These 7 tips for using Google+ in the office will help you get started implementing a responsible social media policy in the workplace that will keep this valuable resource working for you.
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