Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter and Facebook sink Mubarak

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October 17th, 20

Wow… how powerful is Social Media!!

My good friend Denis Campbell, a respected UK based journalist has created a new book using new technologies that lay bare the popular FACEBOOK uprising that brought about the fall of the Government of Egypt.

Denis uses 18 days of Tweets to create a real time expose of the events that have changed the Middle East forever. It makes sensational reading and is truly a reflection of our modern times… the power of communication is now firmly in the hands of each of us.

You can read Egypt Unshackled in paperback or on a Kindle… but can I urge you to read it!!

Here is what others are saying about this amazing piece of modern publishing:

Egypt Unshackled:
Using social media to @#:) the System

How 140 characters can remove a dictator in 18 Days

by Denis G. Campbell, Editor, UK Progressive Magazine is described by readers as:

“… a perfect primer for those in the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Everywhere movements. Shows how non-violent change can be achieved through sheer force of will.”

“…reads like a Clancy or Grisham thriller!”

“…a picture perfect presentation of why the revolution in Egypt is an historic event of grand proportions.”

“…an amazing book of how the Internet played such a role in the overthrow of the government.”

“…fascinating real-time glimpses into human stories as they occurred whilst the revolution unfolded.”

“…gripping, a real page turner.”

"I am AMAZED at your brilliant book, formatting around actual twitters woven so well into the base of the book makes it revolutionary. A real life-changer. Thank you for doing this it is magnificent.” -The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall

Endorsed by Middle-Eastern policy expert Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan
Author of ‘Informed Comment’ blog.

For 18 Days the world held its breath watching a group of people who wanted both freedom from an oppressive regime and financial upward mobility and opportunity, occupied and held Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

We were transfixed by images on television and the social media Tweets of the prodemocracy protestors as they forced out an oppressive, dictatorial regime.

Now, recapture the 18-days as told in breakneck pace by journalist, Denis G. Campbell’s analysis and the actual Tweets he collected from those inside the Square and around the world.

Available on Amazon in paperback, Amazon Kindle, other devices and in fine independent bookshops everywhere, relive the highs and lows of the 18 Days culminating with the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.

A film treatment has been requested and is in process.

A portion of the purchase of every copy goes to the Peace and Prosperity Society of Egypt (Kheir wa Baraka) and the International Federation of Journalists Egyptian Journalists Humanitarian Fund.

Help us make a difference in many lives.

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