Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Twitter Users

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Twitter Users

1. They Listen First
Good Twitter users will listen to what others are saying, and then join the conversation. Why is listening first so important? You will not add nearly as much value to your followers, or the conversations without it. If you’re not listening, you’re butting in.
2. They Give More than They Expect to Get
The best Tweeters out there give far more than they get. They are constantly passing on interesting items, telling a witty story or using the medium in new and interesting ways. They tweet to give value, not just get value.
3. They Promote Others
Look around at some of the most followed and well respected Twitter users out there – they are promoting others far more than they promote themselves. This builds community and trust, and allows them to promote themselves once in a while and actually have someone listen.
4. They “Mix it Up”
Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different in Twitter-World. Sharing stories, passing along links, videos, and pictures is a great way to keep it fresh for those who follow you.
5. They Are Interactive
Twitter is a conversation, and most conversations tend to flow better when it’s a two way street. Great Tweeters ask questions, “poll” their audience, take suggestions, and create conversation.
6. They are “Goldilocks” Tweeters
Much like the fairy tail of Goldilocks, effective Twitter users know that there is a “just right” amount of Tweets. They aren’t bombarding their following, yet they have a presence.
7. They Never “Flame" Other Users
In the land of “follow-unfollow” effective Twitter users never get into verbal altercations with someone they are following. If someone is doing or saying something they don’t agree with, they just hit that “unfollow” button and move on.
Try incorporating these 7 habits of highly effective Twitter users and see if it changes your experience for the better. Also, be sure to seek out those demonstrating these habits as people to follow, they will enrich your Twitter experience as well.

For more see: http://smallbizbee.com/index/2009/07/21/habits-highly-effective-twitter/ 


  1. Hi, thanks for writing this! I have been researching what aspects are critical for viral business exposure and twitter is definitely one of them. I've had my twitter account for awhile but haven't focused much on it till now. Thanks for the tips, I can use all the advice for twitter I can get, especially if I wanna help others succeed as well :)

    See ya around!

  2. Anonymous8:39 am

    Dear Wayne,

    We're looking for help on Twitter unfollow habits and were wondering whether we could enlist you as an expert to help us out.

    More specifically we're looking for feedback, comments and insight on:
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    Here's some background.
    We recently made a quick analysis on the unfollow percentages for our twitter account (@outsideviewblog) and noticed it being a whopping 55%! We've (me and none of the other contributors to the site) never noticed this type of percentage before in a business or strictly personal context.

    Naturally, we being of the curious sort, we are looking for any reasons for this worrying figure (a new twitter trend, a huge move of 'follow baiters', us messing things up completely, etc.). Or could it be that, as you say, we should just follow everyone back who follows us?

    We are gathering all info to the article we wrote: http://bit.ly/uQDm7i, (it has also some more info on the statistics).

    If you have any insights on the topic, we would more than appreciate them!

    Jussi P. / http://theoutsideviewblog.com/