Monday, May 23, 2011

Medina Grand not so grand [Adelaide hotel offers patchy service]

I just love my visits to Adelaide BUT really, as an international city you should scratch visiting on a Sunday.

I arrived from Perth at 10 pm to find it SHUT!! Even the Casino meals were relegated to vending machines between 10 and 6 am...
Medina Grand Adelaide

On arrival at the Medina Grand Adelaide from the airport I was greeted by RAIN and a cold chill wind. The front door was closed. Not a good sign and the bell was ignored. Just 1 night staff is always a problem and the young man assigned to the desk was less than helpful.

I travel heavy and he assigned me to a room the other side of the hotel. "How do I get my luggage there?" I enquired... He offered to bring "later"... if that was OK... I said it wasn't and started to take it myself.

He shouted at me... "I will do it SIR!!" but I was by this time cold, a little wet and needing sustenance so I refused his help and carted my luggage to the room...

I was expecting the worst but WOW what a room -Suite 70 - it was as good a room/apartment as I have stayed in in years. Pity about the young night clerk.

Room service was the next port of call... oops!! it finished at 9pm!! Geez are these guys for real 9pm!! A hotel this standard surely should have 24 hour room service.

I love an early start but what Hotel. catering for the business market thinks we get up at 7?? The restaurant didn't open until 7!! but we could have "cornflakes and milk" in the room.

Why was I here?? Well I was presenting my Facebook for Business session. I expected and prepare for the worst of service as the Meeting Room as in the "basement." I have been to venues where the meeting rooms are in the Basement - a better explanation would be the dungeon.

WOW What a surprise. A great room and a great convention attendant Haydon!! The meeting went without a hitch and I was impressed...

So, if you are looking Medina Grand Adelaide - fix the night reception it isn't up to your standard. Put an extra staff member on [add a $1  a room] and how about some "room service.."

Rating: the experience 4/10 the room 8/10 the function team [Haydon] 10/10 total 7/10 but guys - you can do better!

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