Saturday, May 21, 2011

Facebook for Business Sessions

Join the revolution... your customers already have!
The Facebook community would be the world's third largest country with nearly 700 million members!
Already 9 million Australians have Facebook accounts
and these people buy online every second...

Question: Shouldn't your business be
sharing in this latest Internet goldrush 

... this is not a regular workshop, so take advantage NOW

There are more citizens of Facebook than every other country than India and China, but will Facebook really help grow your business? For many businesses the answer is yes, but how to achieve success may not be clear.

Whether you are starting up your business or already have a well established, having a Facebook business page is probably one of the cheapest and possibly most effective ways of growing your business.

Maybe your competition is already doing it... so you need to act quickly and get into the Facebook revolution... and maybe you have missed the boat? then it's time to Think Again!

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