Monday, February 28, 2011

Blast! into 2011 - An Agology

Today should have been the Blast! into 2011 Seminar in Brisbane but due to poor ticket sales we cancelled the event - including the sessions for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Poor sales?? Well as I am the marketer I can only blame myself. Regardless of what i tried... I couldn't convince enough people to part with $249 to attend 8 hours of great business and personal skills and motivation... Mother nature played her part - floods, cyclones, drought, bush fires etc...

The apology: In advising all paid registrations somehow we missed the booking from Graphic Publishing in Brisbane. The team from Graphic Publishing went to session this morning to be told the session had been cancelled - but we missed telling them and I want to publicly acknowledge that we [me!!] let them down.

It's not important how we came to miss advising them but we did.

It is important to say publicly: SORRY!!

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