Thursday, February 17, 2011

Australia Post was it me or them??

The debate in my head is whether I should write this or not... is my skin too thin?? I think I will feel better when I finish... whether I push the publish button is going to be the question.

Let's start:

Yesterday I got a quote to send a package EMS International Express Courier to Qatar - quickest way $59 for 1.5 kilos which seemed OK.

Australia Post Office
So this morning I present the package at Australia Post Northbridge for posting. First problem is that the scales don't work... 2.2 ks and then reset 1.159ks. No problem for me yet except the young counter lady says there is no such place a Qatar. I question her: "You have never heard of Qatar - its been in news most days since they beat us for the 2022 World Cup" her reply was "I don't watch the news..." to which I light heartedly reply "May you should watch the news... and learn what's going on in the world..." which was met with a deathly stare. "Maybe I spelt it wrong.." and then she Add captionsays "That will be $73.75"

I protested that my quote yesterday was $59 but to no avail... she reweighed it, which still showed an underweight of 1.159k but that didn't get me a cheaper price. So, she gave me a sticker to fill in, and I went to complete that.

When I returned she refused to serve me... sending me to a more mature lady on the other counter. Now her scale said 1.49k but not break on the price. I asked her to check what the other scale had said and sure enough it was still saying 1.159ks. I completed the payment and then was gobsmacked:

"We are a happy team here. You shouldn't have made a personal criticism of the young lady." I said, 'I beg your pardon??" And she told me that I had made a personal attack on her because I said said "she shouldn't live in a bubble"

Now I felt aggrieved and I told her so. "Hang on, I do not believe I insulted her. She is handling international services and should know about the world but in this small exercise I was quoted $59, the scale was wrong by 400gms, the price was $73.75 and now you accuse me of offending someone by saying I thought they should have a broader view of the world." And this by a woman who, whilst I was waiting in the queue, raised her voice and spoke slowly to customer, who from her appearance and demeanor I presumed was an Asian businesswomen, who was served just before me because apparently she couldn't understand her [the Australia Post lady] who was advising the price for a 5 ream copy paper box.

So, I wonder what the problem was here:

Was it: poorly trained staff who should know how to use a scale properly, have an idea where a country maybe, be able to read clearly labeled parcels which had the correct spelling of the address.

Was it a protective opinionated older member who sees customers as people who shouldn't demand a level of service from Australia Post commiserate with the fees charged??

Was it me... someone who thinks that perhaps correct quoting, correct weighing machines, knowledge of the world beyond Perth and someone who can engage in an adult conversation.. "You really should watch some news"

News Flash: Australia Post is closing store fronts as customers desert it... maybe here is a why??

Mmmm I feel better now!!

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