Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dont Blame Me I Just Work Here Take 2

The Beer Store Morley

Guests are coming over tonight and I wanted to try a new Merlot.. so I whizzed down to my nearest local The Beer Store Morley.

You can see they had great display of Wine from the one vineyard and the special price was 2 for $14... and with the wine glut... that sometimes buys you a GREAT drop.

I selected my Ballast Stone Merlot and went to pay... the young guy on the check out said "these aren't on special [they are the ones on the lower left box] and they are $14.99 each.."

I protested... he said, they special is all the other selections but not that one... and I said that they were falsely advertising and inviting me to buy at the special price.

His response was "mate I just work here, and I don't know why they are there and not the same price as all the others but they are not on special. Don't blame me I just work here..."

So I took my business elsewhere where I proceeded to spend over $100... and got a Rosemount Merlot 2 for $20 which I think is a much better buy...

Isn't there something that stops people falsely advertising prices... and not honouring prices when they are set up to get you to buy because of the Special Offer...

Again, I say, when you see this, complain loudly, someone will hear... [pigs might fly]

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  1. Thank you so contributing to my story... I appreciate you Anonymous... that you life isn't complete without offering me advice.. even when it is in selecting my favourite bottle of Merlot...

    How is the new baby... hope it favour its mother LOL