Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just another day... another threat??

My inbox this morning contained a very angry email from Daniel Mangion of Blue Frontier who is harbouring a grudge from a failed Seminar in 2007 - Blast into 2007 - which he paid to go to and he was one of many people who didn't receive refunds as the company behind the event ultimately failed.

Obviously he didn't want an alternative recourse such as credits to other seminars, workshops or product, as many dozens of other friends had taken, he has just let the matter fester until today he wrote to me. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Wayne

Here’s what I tell everyone, Wayne Mansfield is a thief, you stole from me when you failed to refund my money when you cancelled a seminar, when I called you, you challenged me to get the money from you. Now I make sure I tell everyone about you and warn them. I notice you run social media workshops, well let’s see how effective I can be in making sure everyone knows about The Maverick Thief.

I noticed you are starting to work with the Choice Hotel Group. I consult for them and I will gather the people you ripped off to warn them not to touch you as well.

I wonder if your publisher and all the people who have given you testimonials, knows what a thief you are. If they don’t they soon will. Laugh in my face now you filthy thieving lying bastard!
Dan Mangion

My reply to Daniel was:

Thanks for the note Dan...

I am disappointed that you are so upset at what transpired some years ago - if you want to send me the details of what seminar this involved, I will look into it.

Life has its challenges and I have had a few... that is the purpose of taking risks... if it were easy making a difference, everyone would do it.

Add to the mix an "all encompassing battle" with the Government and you get a number of situations that, if I had my time again, would have been handled differently. But, last time I checked, you can't wind the clock back.

I am going to send you letter [email] in full to my Maverick Spirit list and show them that "getting even" is a soul destroying exercise.

All the best to you... hopefully you will get over this at some point.


and his reply... [this could go on forever but it helps me to bare my soul as I face the challenges of living life to the full in 2010 and beyond... ]

Hi Wayne

It’s not a matter of getting even, it’s a matter of letting people know the type of person you really are. You created this situation , now I am going to show you that when you steal from someone it has consequences.

You are simply justifying your theft. Which makes you look even worse.

It is not soul destroying for me, I am simply proving you are nothing but a massive hypocrite.

If I had my time again, I would never have invested in your lies.

Thank you for this email, this will endeavour to show people the kind of scum and patronising jerk you really are.

You have only enraged me more and this will be a great exercise for me to show the people I present to, how social media and the internet can really hurt your reputation if you do the wrong thing as you have done.

The Kickstart 2007 where Dale Beaumont was to be one of the presenters, you really destroyed your reputation on that one.

I have no tolerance for liars and thieves, especially people like you who blatantly steal as you did. You can’t hide behind excuses on that one.

Dan Mangion

I am sure you are bored with this now... so I will go and slay another dragon!!

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  1. Anonymous3:47 am


    Let me see.

    Which do I prefer to deal with?

    a) Someone who writes, in a social manner, in search of a fair solution that will balance the inequity that is perceived to have happened or

    b) a person in writhing, seething hatred of another, intent on damaging his reputation and credibility with everyone he comes across over a lousy 300 bucks (or whatever the paltry price was for the failed seminar)?


    Well done, Dan, on pulling in someone to do battle with. Too bad Wayne dropped the towel in this tug-of-war. You'll have to find a new adversary who wants to have a war. Someone you can draw and quarter for your own satisfaction.

    What do you want him to do to make you feel that the situation is fairly resolved anyway?

    LB from the US