Friday, March 12, 2010

Australia has officially taken position as the fattest western nation

62% of Australians are overweight yet almost every one of them will regain ALL the lost weight and more within 3 years…

So why do so many people think that diets work? It seems that everyone is simply out for a “quick fix” in the hope that it will work. And they spend $1 million per day on fad diets trying to achieve it!

The proof couldn’t be more in the pudding - diets never work in the long run.

In a bid to offer an effective ‘fix’, Mornington Peninsula Nutritionist Julie Regan has created “Food Fix”, a pro-food fat loss program founded on one fundamental mantra:

Eat Normally and You Will Lose the Weight

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  1. The problem with Regan's approach is that it is wrong. Dieting isn't prescribed to reduce the size of an enlarged heart. It isn't prescribed to reduce the size of an enlarged liver. It doesn't reduce the size of an enlarged belly, either.

    There are two types of fat in your body, and it even has different colors. Your body weight fluctuates 10%, up and down, due to temporary conditions, but if you're actually fat, there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it.

    The fact is, whether you are fat or slim, you usually eat enough to support your lean body mass. Your fat doesn't require much input to sustain it, nor does your skeleton. Your muscle tissue, though, does.

    That's why dieting is so dangerous. When you lose weight, you first shed water, and then you lose muscle mass - and what's the largest muscle in your body? Your heart. People who engage in dieting end up with heart problems and often die of a heart attack.

    I have no problem with eating sanely, and I approve of eating a wide variety of foods so that you get all the different nutrients you need - but don't expect to lose 40 pounds or more by dieting, even if you call it "changing your lifestyle".

    After all, your body has a mechanism for disposing of excess food. It's a matter of what you eat, minus what you use - minus what ends up in that porcelain bowl. You can't fool mother nature.