Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bite your tongue Wayne

Breakfast on Sunday is a ritual... we have had various favourite places over the years, and always the service goes "off", the ownership changes, or the menu goes "modern". And the search for a new favourite starts all over again.

Today we visited our current favourite Bellisa in Walter Road Morley as we have been doing for for 15 months and as it has become busier, they have started this insidious practice of letting people "reserve" tables for 9.30am and then placing the reserve sign on the table at 8am...

This morning, arriving just after 8am, our favourite table has a reserve sign on it... we are forced to take a table in a cramped corner and really not enjoy our breakfast as much as normal... and as I paid the bill at 9.15 I noticed that the people who had reserved the table hadn't yet arrived.

What to do?? should I say to them "Hey guys, I have been spending $50 a Sunday on breakfast for 15 months... how come you don't want my business any more??" or should I bite tongue

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