Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day in the life... Feb 27th 2010 AVIS Brisbane EXPENSIVE petrol

Just a QUICK gripe!!!

Hired a car today from Avis Brisbane Airport... great rate $56 for the day... which beats the taxi fare from Airport to Brisbane Mercure and back...

If you have been to Brisbane recently there are lots of new roads and they now DONT go passed the airport service station, so on returning the car tonight, I reluctantly decide to let AVIS top up the fuel...

Have a guess at what the fuel for a round trip of 35kms cost me... go on... in a car that does that distance on 2 liters of unleaded which is for sale at $1.25 a litre...

Well they charged me $14.10 for 2 litres!! $7 a litre - that is roguery!!


  1. Ouch. Here in Florida we pay about $2.80 per gallon and we complain:)

  2. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Well.. What comes around, comes around.. You take advantage from people, people take advantage from you.. If you are a saint, then you can make a complaint.. If not.. keep quiet and suck it up.. You are so one-sided wayne..

  3. MMM love anonymous comments but also love people reading the blog.

    I am OK with the charge becuase I made the decision NOT to find my way to the Airport Service Station, it was raining and time was running short.

    However, whether you have sympathy for my positin or not, how much does Avis make on this rip off?? Try it 1,000 a day world wide and I would suggest it is one of their biggest profit centres...

    Good bickies if you can get them