Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Big Thing

One Big Thing with Ron Holland:

Over the years I have developed strategies for success by carefully emulating people greater than myself. By reading hundreds of biographies of great men and also working closely with numerous millionaires I noted one trait they all have in common.

They DISCIPLINED themselves to accomplish ONE BIG THING every day that would have a profound effect on their lives.

Most people do not run their lives like this. They allow themselves to get bogged down with trivia and at the end of every day they haven't moved forward, most just managing to keep their heads above water; many living lives in quiet desperation.

You may want to start by accomplishing ONE BIG THING every week and if you start to be honest with yourself the ONE BIG THING that needs doing will be apparent.

It could be that you actually have to put an advert in the paper to search out and locate an employee that will take on a massive workload of admin or bookkeeping or appointment setting. Maybe this had been put off because you thought you couldn't afford such a person. The people who do ONE BIG THING know they can't afford not to. The people who do ONE BIG THING every day move ahead in leaps and bounds.

You may write a book to increase your profile and credibility. Most people have a book inside them but never get around to writing it. My books have created fabulous incomes for me both in royalties, but even more importantly and lucratively, via creating credibility and awareness for consultancy income.

You may have to track down a database that will change your it now. Maybe your ONE BIG THING is to get a £5k or £10k credit card that will allow you to attend a seminar or workshop that will change your life. Maybe your ONE BIG THING is to totally change direction. Maybe you need to wine and dine a most important person, perhaps the one you has given you the most referrals in the past year or two and see what you can do in return...for even more business. Don't put of the phone call...just do ONE BIG THING. Maybe your ONE BIG THING is to stop drinking, stop watching the soaps, womanising or taking drugs. I don't know. Everyone is different. All I do know is the people who may it BIG in life do whatever it takes. They know that no one else can make the changes for them.

Doing ONE BIG THING can bring massive results, change, wealth and happiness into your life. Small moves don't bring anything except more of the same.

I make a point of accomplishing ONE BIG THNG every day. And even now I still have to overcome laziness, call reluctance, a full agenda, a young family (my beautiful Romanian wife is only thirty two and our baby daughter Kay is nearly five) demanding clients who have powerful and demanding agendas of their own. I would find it very easy to do all the small things and miss out on the ONE BIG THING.

The word self-sacrifice comes into play and over the years I have missed many parties, TV programmes, shows, football matches, drinking bouts, social gatherings and family get togethers...but by hook or by crook I manage to do ONE BIG THING!

You can't possibly do it all. Something has to give. I have noted that famous TV stars are not watching TV, but they are creating the programmes that others watch. Famous authors are not reading books; they are creating and writing books for others to read.

However, before I gave up reading and started writing I did read a number of self-help and non-fiction books that had a profound affect on my life. One of these was Parkinsons Law: 'Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.' (particularly paperwork) and I read this tiny book over a hundred times.

I realised that if I left all my paperwork until the end of the week or even the end of two weeks I could catch it all up to date in one mammoth concentrated effort on a Sunday afternoon...thereby freeing off many hours for selling and accomplishing BIG THINGS that would make quantum leaps for me in my life. No longer would I be able to use the excuse that paper work takes up all my time because I realised it I can and will take up all the amount of time you allow it to...OR NOT.

To do ONE BIG THING, you must make time to allow yourself the luxury of being able to carry it out and carry it off. The ONE BIG THING will be apparent very quickly. All you have to do, for once in your life, is to do the ONE BIG THING and then repeat the trick on a weekly basis and then on a daily basis. You'll never regret it! I celebrate the fact everyday that I do ONE BIG THING! Whether I am ready or not, too busy, too tired or just plain lazy. I do ONE BIG THING regardless of EVERYTHING else! And I do mean EVERYTHING!

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