Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brain Training Books

Puzzler Media is the biggest puzzle publisher in the UK, with many popular magazines ranging from Crosswords and Mixed Puzzles to Sudoku and Quizkids.

You can buy from Amazon if you are from the US or Uk or from Fishpond if you are from Australia, NZ or Singapore

Scientists now know that our brains continuously make new neurons throughout our lives and it does this in response to the what we do in our lives. Neurons are important for transmitting and making connections with other cells. If we lose the neurons, we lose the power to think properly, to use our creativity, to learn, to memorize effectively, basically our brains slowly die.

Exercise and brain stimulation is one of the best ways to keep making these new neurons. Using some of the examples from these books you will keep your brain healthy and active for years to come.

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