Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Time To Send An Email Determined | WebProNews

Best Time To Send An Email Determined by Doug Caverly of WebProNews- Wed, 01/02/2008 - 1:41pm.

Hurray for hump day

From a recipient's point of view, email is wonderfully easy to ignore. Senders want their emails read, however, and when links are involved, it's even better when the reader clicks through. So a new eROI study has found the 'best email day.'

That day is, to summarize, Wednesday.
'The average open rate on Wednesdays in the third quarter was 25.4%, and the average click rate was 3.9%,' reports MarketingCharts.

As for the time of day - this study really got into the details - 'there's a marked upward trend as time passes,' so click rates peak around 4 PM, and open rates top out an hour later.
eROI offers details about other times and days, but we know you'll want to follow the practice that's been determined 'best.' Unless, of course, your industry happens to follow some special schedule. Or until everyone learns of the eROI study, email recipients respond by changing their habits, and the whole thing gets turned on its head.

In the short term, maybe it's just best to stop overthinking things and try to send emails midweek."

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