Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rehabilitation Help for Sufferers

With the whole Ben Cousins substance abuse scandel behind us now, the focus in now on his rehabilitation and attempts to get him back and ready for the Eagles at the AFL level again. He's not the only one in a such a public position who has had this problem either, and I'm sure there are many others within this fraternity who are also struggling with this problem.

I wondered what kind of help was actually out there for people struggling with problems like this and came across this drug rehab website. is a resource designed to help those suffering from a drug related problem, or know someone who is. It takes you through a step by step process that helps you identitfy the best and most approprite treatment, and ways to get ahold of and break the addiction. By calling the number, people are able to speak with experienced support staff, who guide you through the rehabilitation process.

With the Ice epidemic in Australia at the moment, resources like this are invaluble to curbing and hopefully stopping the problem altogether.

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