Friday, April 20, 2007

STOP PRESS: Murphy's Law proven TRUE!

Have you ever been pressed to get stuff done and just know that some thing will "get in the way" of getting it finished? That's usually know as Murphy's Law. And I have always thought that it was an urban myth - repeated so often, we believe it. Well, in The Daily Telegraph of Friday October 8th, 2004 - Sydney's version - the headline jumped out: Maths proves Murphy is LAW!

According to the article, experts have come up with a mathematical formula which proves Murphy's Law really does strike at the worst possible time.

After testing the experiences of 1,000 people, they discovered "things don't just go wrong, they go wrong at the most annoying moment.

The study, commissioned by British Gas, identified 6 factors that influence your susceptibility to Murphy's Law. These factors are urgency, complexity, importance, skill, frequency and aggravation.
The findings proved that not only do things go wrong, they do so when they are most likely to drive their victims up the wall.

How does this work?? For example, Murphy's Law shows how cruel it can be when it comes to the shower turning cold just as you've shampooed. Men aren't bothered and so the chances of it happening to them are low; but women hate it and it happens far more often to them.

Top of the most likely - and most annoying - events was spilling some thing down yourself before a date and peak hour traffic being worse when you're already late.

Other examples? Computers crash on deadline, printers run out of ink half way through an urgent job, cars break down in emergencies, and toast really does fall buttered side down. So there!

Just a little light relief from politics...

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