Friday, April 13, 2007

The Cheese Pizza Business Guide

David Caruso wrote to me late last week and said: "Hi Wayne - Really enjoying your email articles – good luck on your continued fight.

I have just released my first book ‘cheese pizza’ and I am keen and passionate to tell the world about it.I would be happy to offer 5 free copies to your readers/subscribers as part of a promotion. I would be happy to send you a copy beforehand – for your approval."Thinking that this would be another "cheesy" fable book I thought I had better read it before recommending it to The Maverick Spirit readers. The books arrived this morning and I read my copy over coffee - that's the benefit of PowerReading - and it one of the best business books I have read in years.

Cheese Pizza is a fictional story with real world undertones on improving business and personal relationships. David could easily have been inside my head with the insight he gives to the struggle that many businesses take each day. It is simple story with some worldly lessons, advice and inspiration. If you are a small to medium business owner, or inspiring to be this book is written for you. David has created a book for the weekend. He calls this his Weekend Inspiring Narratives which are designed to motivate and drive the everyday business owner which can be essentially read over the weekend, to fit into the busy lifestyle of each business owner.”

David draws on 15 years of experience where he sometimes found himself flat, unmotivated, and seeking answers or wondering what and why. When he felt like that his business often suffered and conversely when he was on top of his game, ready to conquer the world, his business prospered. The story is based around, John, a fictional character who has lost his way in the shape of his business and his personal relationships.

“ If one does not know to which port they are sailing no wind is favourable.”On the brink of despair he comes across an unlikely source of inspiration, a local pizza shop owner and through a number of impromptu conversations, rediscovers a new lease of life. The solutions are inspiringly simple yet are the most often overlooked in times of crisis.Without giving too much away, the self realisation of the Power of Now, and the fact that we ALL should be enjoying the present this book is well worth the time to read.

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