Monday, April 23, 2007

Have you heard about the "Test of Rightness?"

Just a short Spirit today.

In all the rules and suggestions of how to succeed in business, commonsense gets lost on many occasions. In a book with a terrible title - probably why I could buy it cheap at BookStar - If You Want To Make God REALLY Laugh Show Him Your Business Plan - Barry Gibbons talks about Universal Laws of Business.

I was really struck by Rule 2:

Deal with people individually as it you were dealing with your favourite sister.

Barry, who was Burger King CEO and unabashed corporate maverick, applies what he calls the Tests of Rightness:

He says "I have always applied Tests of Rightness to my primary activities in business. It’s a simple process of taking a few minutes to stand back and ignore all the momentum, noise, analysis, and data, and ask: Does this feel right? Is this actually civilized? It is astonishing how many times we do things in a way that challenges the ascent of humanity.

In other words, would I do this to my favourite sister??

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